Monday, October 8, 2012

Chicago Bears - What Are the Odds?

Yesterday, when the Chicago Bears played the Jacksonville Jaguars, two of their defensive players, Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs, intercepted passes and ran them back for touchdowns. Not only that, but these same two players intercepted passes and ran them back for touchdowns in the Bear's previous game against the Dallas Cowboys. I'm told that this is the first time that the same two players have ever done this in two successive NFL games. What makes the tandem of Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs even more unusual, is that they both wear double integer numbers (33 for Tillman and 55 for Briggs), and they both have double consonants in the spelling of their names. All of these extremely unusual facts suggest that whenever we are facing a task with the odds stacked against us, we should remember that even when the odds of success are very small, they are never zero. If you have enough priority and incentive to warrant tackling such a task, go for it. Charles (Peanuts) Tillman and Lance Briggs have shown that ridiculous odds can be overcome. Maybe they'll even do it again!