Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are You an Original?

Some things in life are originals and can't be reproduced, like a rainbow that can only be seen for a short time under special conditions and from the correct viewing angle. Few of us are originals on a continuous basis. Most of our time is spent reacting to news and the actions of others. We spend another portion of our time studying and reproducing the traditions handed down to us by our predecessors. However, once in a while we manage to show our initiative and tackle something that no one has done before or create a product, piece of art, or literary work that is different and new. A long time ago, someone said that we are each a unique, unrepeatable, miracle of God. As such, we each have an unmatchable set of talents and experiences. Bring your uniqueness to your job or other challenge. Remove yourself from thoughts of your daily duties, and meditate on what uniqueness you have to offer those around you. Being yourself is more than not copying others. Express your own opinions based on the singular path you have taken through life, and create something that requires your own special blend of where you've been, what you've done, and who you are. The world is a different place because you've lived in it. Express that uniqueness to others.