Friday, July 23, 2010

Rest in Peace, Daniel Schorr

For years I have kept an open spot on my Saturday morning schedule, no matter how busy I have been. It has been the highlight of my week to follow the analysis session after the 8:00 A.M. NPR News with Scott Simon (usually) reviewing the news of the week with Daniel Schorr. Dan always had a fairly balanced point of view plus so many connections that he presented special insights in just a few broadcast minutes. With a heritage that went back all the way to Edward R. Murrow and coverage of World War II, Dan Schorr reported on the events that formed the background tapestry of most of our lives, and he knew how to explain to us how the various threads in that tapestry were interwoven. I know that Scott Simon will continue to review the news with other learned analysts, but I doubt that it will be the same for me. There was something special in the way Dan helped us to understand a situation but still refused to take sides in reacting to it. Thank you, Dan...You've been a beacon, illuminating complex situations.