Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Original Factory Specifications

I had my eight year old car in to the dealer's service department to repair a couple of things that had worn out. Before doing the repairs, the service manager had the technician thoroughly check out the car, and then the manager came out to me with an estimate of what it would cost to perform the suggested service jobs. The list of things that they proposed to do were aimed at restoring the car to "original factory specifications". It would have cost me thousands of dollars to do all that work, and isn't it just a bit unrealistic to think that you could restore an eight year old car to its original condition? I ended up having the service department do the jobs for which I had originally come to them. Extrapolating from this situation a little bit, how would you react if you went for your annual physical exam, and the doctor told you that they could restore you to original factory specifications if you would undergo a series of operations which the insurance company would not cover? Would you say that it was worth all of your savings to get you back into better shape with less apparent age despite the risks of those operations? Would you as in the automobile analogy just get the required work done and try to age gracefully? Would you just laugh when the doctor offered you the possibility of original condition? What would be the social effects on your life if you had all of that work done? Interesting to think about...

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