Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gas Saving Tip

Here's a simple tip for reducing the amount of gasoline(petrol) you use. When you refuel, fill up your tank or purchase a constant number of gallons(litres) so that you know the amount of fuel you have to begin with. Before you leave the pump, reset your trip odometer to zero. When you do this, you will always know the number of miles(km) you have driven since your last refueling. Then remain conscious of the distance you have driven by watching the miles(km) on the trip odometer accumulate. You will find yourself reducing unnecessary trips to slow down the increase in the displayed number, and you will also soon learn how many miles(km) you can expect on your fill-up or constant amount of fuel purchased. This will tell you at any time what percentage of the way to your next refueling you are. Drive so as to maximize the time to your next refueling, and you will purchase less fuel and save money.

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