Friday, February 13, 2009

Sexual Economics on Valentines Day

On every other day of the year except for February 14th (and a few days anticipating it), women do almost all of the shopping and most of the consumer buying. It all changes in the pre-Valentines Day period when men (in a spirit of self-preservation, if not romance) shop and purchase generously. I predict that we will see an economic pulse upward this week because of men realizing that it is time to buy for the sake of their relationships with women. It is even possible that in this year's tough economic environment some men (and women) will spend more on Valentines Day to add cheer to an otherwise bleak period. I was at the local Costco this morning, and during the first half hour an amazing number of people had already done their shopping and were checking out, 95% of them with at least one bouquet of flowers. We still pursue romance, and we still have optimism. Nurture those qualities well for an economic and spiritual rebound.

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