Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good News and Bad News

The news media have a tendency to publish and emphasize bad news stories over the good news variety. Bad news stories grab the public's attention and sell newspapers and magazines and TV advertising (related to viewership). They also tend to keep us all in a state of tension.

We have to keep in mind that there are many more good news events occurring at any given time than there are bad news items, even if we seldom hear the positive news. For every automobile accident there are many millions of safe arrivals. For every terrorist act there are many random acts of kindness. Even in time of war and natural disaster, there are far more babies being born than there are people dying. It is easy to get depressed by what you hear and read in the news. If you commit to looking at the positive things happening around you, you may find that it is easier to bear the personal burdens which we all face.

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